Another Short & Sweet Entry? Maybe Not Today…

I am still very busy.  I see it has been a week since I have written in my diary here.  To be very honest, I am even very behind reading emails.  The only company I get now-a-days is my shower gals, my direct support professionals, a phone call from my IDS worker MM on Mondays and Fridays, and my best friend BS who lives above me on the second floor and her shih zsu named Sport.  What a wonderful pup/dog he is.

Today, a week later, I am going grocery shopping this morning when my DSP  LB comes.  Other than that, I have had my morning shower, got dressed and ready for my day, and nothing else is planned outside day grocery shopping day.  At least I am getting out of the apartment for a while even if it is for an hour or less.

I saw Carrie this morning.  I am not pleased.

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