Where Am I Headed Today?

This title may not be understood but I am going to do my best for the title to be understood.  I am not heading out anywhere in particular but in words and thought today.  That is where I am heading today.  I have a lot that needs to be put into words that flow from my thoughts, soul, and heart.  Let’s find out where I am heading today because I am curious to know where.

My words in my diary are words I share with others for a reason.  I am a human being with a heart  that is not made of gold but does not want to do good for herself and others.  My words may inspire others and again my words can do the opposite.  I am only human.  Words do not just flow across the paper or computer screen because I ramble on and on all the time.  Today is not the day for me to ramble on and on.  These words coming across to others are words that are carefully chosen to be shared for a very good reason.

By no means is my life or world, as I call it, always rosy or colored they way I want it.  With that said, though, some of the choices I have made in the past or what is going to happen tomorrow will definitely be made by me.  God has a plan for me and his plan is to be the best I can be in this world of sin.  I know why God has me here today and I know talents because God gave them to me.  What i do online today on Facebook is very special to me and I have others who share my interests or at least take the time to see what I have posted or written for the day or time I have done so.

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