The Story From Yesterday Unfolds

With it now being Thursday and last evening I wrote the note in haste that a certain tenant was lurking/walking at the end of the building I live on, I was heading to the office to talk to the manager about it when we almost collided in the hallway.  She told me she will talk to me shortly after she takes care of something.

She had gotten what she needed to do done and came to my apartment and told me that the tenant was talked to earlier about being caught on the 3rd of November listening at my door trying to hear what was going on.  The tenant was caught, on the 3rd by another tenant listening at my door, and she had reported the date and time.  The manager told me that the date and time was checked on the video camera and lo and behold, this tenant WAS at my apartment door listening at what was going on in MY apartment!  I felt awful inside to the point of creepy and the idea of this tenant doing what he was doing at MY apartment door.  This tenant is a man and he is in his 60s and I am only in my early 40s.  This man is practically 20 years older than me and I have no interest in this man whatsoever because of his age and how he abuses another tenant verbally and emotionally, and talks nasty about this tenant behind her back.  This tenant is a woman I have known since she moved in and she is using this male tenant and he is using her.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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