The Dream

It was before I had awakened that I was having a dream about CSE in it.  I did not know her friend but it was a friend of hers.  CSE was not nice to me in the dream at all and at a function, I told CSE and her friend that I was done with her lies, games, and acting out like a child.  When I said those things to her she jumped up and down for joy saying “yes, yes, yes.” and was laughing while she did it.  She told me that is what she wanted all along and never liked me.

Now, knowing this was only a dream and it was necessary to release some hurt feelings about what she has done for me, I was awakened in a daze and a funk that made the dream feel so real and believable.  I was scared at first but I believe that I had seen what CSE is really like behind my back.  Trust has been misplaced and I believe now I have had a good reason to walk away from her for good this time.  She no longer lives here in the same building I do.  The last time I remember is the place she moved to was in Beloit but the apartment complex had a fire and the building became inhabitable, and she has been staying/living with a friend of hers.  I have heard from her once since she got her stuff out of the building where she lived for only a month or so before the fire but not anymore after that.  I did not call her back either.

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