Getting Back On Schedule

Thursday morning shower was a welcome this morning as yesterday was cancelled due to my appointment outside of town.  Today is the day I have my shower and then my worker from IDS KP comes and we prepare a meal for the week, and then do some organizing.  KP did some cleaning today because LB came by on Tuesday to do laundry for me this week due to the fact that IDS was off on Monday for Veteran’s Day.  I do not mind that KP and LB switch from time to time between Tuesday morning and afternoons but it can not be done every week or my schedule will be thrown off once again and great anxiety will play its nasty game with me like it did when I had another IDS worker JP calling in sick a lot and my week was hectic and not knowing who was going to take me grocery shopping..  Ever since then I have had KP and LB during the week on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

On Mondays we have laundry and cleaning. On Tuesdays we have grocery shopping in the morning, and on Thursdays we have food preparation/meal prep time and organization

Now and again, KP and LB have to switch places on Tuesdays because of a holiday or a day off so when that happens, I have my laundry done on Tuesday mornings with LB and grocery shopping in the afternoon with KP.

Since I did not see KP at my usual time on Tuesday, she cleaned today when she got here along with preparing a meal for the week and organizing.  I dislike organizing to some degree but when it HAS to be done, I do it.  I am a stickler when it comes to doing some things.  I’d rather do things outside the building, watch favorite television programs, read, and write, and play games on Facebook, and do things on Facebook more than anything else.  Reading the Bible comes with the reading portion of my day.  I haven’t picked up a book to read for a while other than my Bible for a long time.

Time to Say Good Night

It is time for me to say good night and skedaddle to bed.  I have a weekend I am looking forward to.  Friday is my “sleeping in day”…  I have been very busy this week and I know that next week is going to be another busy week starting Sunday.  I have my first gynecologist appointment on Monday and I am a little bit nervous about that.

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