Between Thanksgiving & New Years Day

There is so much going in my world right now.  With Thanksgiving gone and now Christmas getting closer, I do have to admit that I cannot wait until the holidays are all over and 2014 comes into play.  I have been so busy and between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, I get on edge.  After Thanksgiving Day there is Black Friday and I do not like Black Friday. I have experienced a maddening mob of people enough to dislike the day and have seen and heard horror stories of citizens being injured badly or killed.  People are mad getting into stores these days and do not care who they trample along the way.  I have shopped the day after Thanksgiving a couple of times and I disliked it then and won’t do it today.  Christmas is great but always I end up with some emotional downfall during this time of the year.  I am adult now that I find myself feeling a little lonely but God is what keeps my spirits up and I know I have to rely on God more.

Now that I do live on my own and have for the past 24 years now but always had a place to go for Christmas when family lived in the same city and state but now family lives in other states such as New Mexico, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, and one relative – sister – lives in Wisconsin for a short time while she works for the Target store in her area.  I have aunts and uncles in Wisconsin as well but traveling to and from has become practically non-existent for the past four years or so.  I have spent the past two years on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas with the Pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist Church of Beloit, Delevan, and Janesville churches and his family.  I am and have not been totally alone for the holidays but it is not quite the same as spending with your own immediate family.   I can not wait until the holiday hubbub is all over.

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