Christmas Day

I was not alone for Christmas.  I was with real good friends this year once again.  We had dinner in the afternoon after 1 pm or so, some good chat, and gift opening, and snack time with a movie.  I learned about a neurosurgeon named Benjamin Carson who grew up with his mother and brother and he became a neurosurgeon.  I do not remember the title of the movie now but all anyone has to do is to go to You Tube and type in Benjamin Carson and the movie will come up.  I had a great time tonight!!!

Now I am tired and ready to go to bed.  Yet I am excited about the holiday.  I even got to talk to my dad, his wife, and my sister, and my mom.   I could not ask for more this Christmas.  I may not have been with immediate family this year, but I can definitely say I was with “family” for the holidays.  Now, with Christmas just about over, I can feel the residue of the holiday still in my heart and mind.  I am now waiting for the New Year. Now, with that, I do not have any plans.


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