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Oh my goodness gracious…where has time gone?  Another day has gone by rather quickly here!  I went to church this morning at the Woodland Community Church in Janesville with the Pastor and his family.  We had potluck this afternoon after church, and then they took me home in a very snowy world.  I almost did not see my shower gal because she was only going to wait until 205 pm for me to come home.  I am glad I called.  I was in need of a shower and I wanted to get warmed up from the chill outdoors.  It is winter here in Wisconsin. We have snow from time to time and today we got SNOW lol.

I was NOT too happy with my shower gal today.  Her scheduled appointed time is 215 and she called work and told the on-call person that she was only staying until 205 pm.  I was not too thrilled.  I think I am going to call Rescare on Monday and take care of the situation.  My shower gal can come at 2 pm on Sundays when it is her scheduled weekend.  Otherwise I feel that I am crunching time every Saturday she is scheduled if she comes fifteen minutes earlier than her regular scheduled time.  My two other shower gals do not come fifteen minutes early unless they call work ahead of time and I get notified.  Otherwise I am an easy going gal.

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