My Monday Thoughts

I am here, with memory lapses from time to time and I actually remember what happened a lot more this month than the year that has gone by just 20 days ago!  I am AMAZED.  I am now all caught up with my journaling and diary, and a day has not been missed.  My days play like a filmstrip from time to time and my memory has been very good for the most part.  Even when I take a nap here and there, and do not sleep well at night all the time I find my world a very interesting place sometimes, lol.  That is the way my mind works from time to time.  Yes, sleeping all night has been an issue these days.  My mind is always working and I want to always write but sleep does have to come somewhere sometime.

Today, for a Monday, I feel I have been online very seldom or even on the computer.  I have those days from time to time.  No one from IDS came today because it is Martin Luther King Day and it is considered a national holiday here in the United States.  Some schools are even closed but my friend CV happens to be working at school today where she works today.  So here I am, after my shower, left to my own devices and enjoying my day all day long with my cat Bing Crosby, the TV, my Kindle Touch reader, and thoughts – empty or full.

I did call Rescare this morning and took care of what I needed.  There seems to be a mix up somewhere but I believe it will be taken care of tomorrow or later this week.  As for the rest of what is going on with Rescare, I have no complaints or issues.  I am just getting fed up with my one shower gal who I do like but her attitude can be a little mixed too.  I will be fine.  I am just frustrated with my shower gal, CSE, and a couple of other people right now.

With my time online being short and sweet lately, I have to admit that I haven’t been able to really talk to others about what is going on that need to know things.  I have been busy and taking care of my life the way it should be – happy and content most of the time.  I can not have too much chaos in my world because it just wears me out.  With depression, anxiety and panic disorder, I find having a chaotic world is absolutely prohibited in my world.  It throws my schedule off almost completely.

With that said, I do understand that today being a national holiday – Martin Luther King Jr. Day – my day tomorrow (Tuesday) will be fine.  This was to be expected and my schedule is not messed up.  Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day, though.  I have my shower at 830 am, laundry and cleaning at 9 am, and grocery shopping afterwards, and then my hair appointment at 3 pm, and then I am done for the entire day.  Thank goodness Wednesday is after Tuesday this week and every week, lol.  In other words, I am glad that Wednesday is another day I have no plans except for shower at 1015 am and Bible study at 7 pm at Woodland Community Church.  I just have a very busy day today and it is not for the first time.  If it was not a national holiday today my schedule  would remain the same and my Tuesday would be pretty lenient but not tomorrow!

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