Entry #2 – January 22, 2014

The Oops!

I did the oddest thing tonight …

I forgot that I had to go to Bible study tonight and my ride, CV, was going to pick me up at 630.  My ride came and buzzed my buzzer at 637 pm and I asked who it was and once she said who she was, CV, I realized that time had lapsed and I FORGOT that it was Wednesday Bible study. I let her in the building and she came to my door.  She asked me if I was not going tonight and I told her I will be out in a couple of minutes.  I got dressed quickly, got my (R) brace and shoes on, grabbed my NKJV Precious Moments Bible, got my jacket on, and grabbed my keys by the recliner, and walked out the door and locked it.  I left Bing Crosby the cat sleeping on my desk chair as I hurried out to the patiently waiting CV and car, and got to the Bible study a couple of minutes after 7 pm and realized that I did not miss much of the study of Revelation Chapter 15 yet.  So the oops turned out okay after all.  I am just a bit embarrassed and feeling I did something horrible for a while is all that happened.  That is the oops of my Wednesday this month so far.

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