Ranger Pup Information and Venting

I talked to my mom – texted – after getting a picture of Ranger Pup.  She told me that Ranger’s Daddy Pup Forman’s mother pup’s name is Krissy and I found that pretty awesome!!  Not only does Ranger have a Gramma pup named Krissy, she has a “sister’ named Kristi and my nickname will be ‘Sissy Krissi’.  I feel so honored knowing that Ranger comes from a fine pedigree and lineage of Basenji pups named Lucy and Foreman.  I spell my nickname ‘Krissi’ because my name Kristi ends with an i.

Great!  Sleep is hard to find tonight.  RS came down with Sport for a while and then, after running to the bathroom and coming back, RS grabbed Sport’s stuff off my walker, and took Sport and left my apartment saying “figure it out when you grow up” … I did try to ask her what I did wrong before she even said those words to me and I am very confused and hurt.  I feel I do not owe her an apology for something I do not know what I did or even said.  After tonight, I am going to keep my distance from her.  It does not pay to be friends with anyone in the building I live in.  Too many cliques at Burbank Plaza Apartments and I am not going to be a part of it.  Let RS hang with her friends who bash and are upset with the management because of the enforced rules and regulations, and the so called lies they suspect are going on.  Tenants go off so easily because of tone of voice or attitude, or something that was not meant to happen.  I AM GOING THROUGH MY MENSES FOR GOODNESS SAKE.

I have locked the door and turned off all the lights except for one for the rest of the night.  I am done having company tonight and I am going to wait until my shower gal comes at 3 pm to help with my shower tomorrow afternoon. I am not having anymore company the rest of the weekend.  I won’t even allow RS to come in if she knocks or will I answer the phone when she calls the rest of the weekend.  I am not going to put up with anyone’s outbursts but my own.

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