Short and Sweet Once Again – Friday

Okay, I am falling behind in my journaling once again.  I am playing catch up once again and there isn’t enough time in a day from morning to night to get things done after important things are taken care of.  All in the same thought, I will NEVER argue the sunup and sundown God created for us.  We need our rest and our time away from work to relax in honor of Him.  Once again, though, I have fallen behind and want to play catch up this weekend.  Since my menses are causing some havoc on me, I have time to catch up on my journaling.

Today is the day that my ‘sister pup’ Ranger will be a part of the family.  Yes, Mom and her husband are getting Ranger today and taking her to her new home in Carlsbad, New Mexico.  I am very excited for my parents as well as for myself.  Woo hoo!

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