My Life on the 3rd of Month

Okay… yesterday was a very good day for me.  I had my shower at 1015 am to 1130 am this morning, and then I went to Bible study at 7 pm.  We had a small detour to pick up Grandpa Van Arsdale who wanted to go.  I was able to see Grandma Van Arsdale as well but she was lying in bed when we all go there to pick up Grandpa V.  All good, though.  After Bible study, we dropped off Grandpa V, and then we dropped off K who has gotten a ride to Bible study the past three Wednesdays because her ride has not been available due to being out of the state in Michigan.  So today was a fairly good day!  I cannot argue about how today went.

My checks from Social Security were deposited into the bank sometime between 12 midnight to the time I checked my financial status and paid my bills: rent, electricity, phone and internet, and cable.  I was impressed with the phone bill as well as the cable bill.  I did not have anything over $200 this month except for my rent payment for April.  I was very happy all day long.  I am happy to have my bills paid.  Life moves on.

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