Life on a Sunday

Life this weekend has been very good.  This afternoon I had a visitor.  My neighbor who lives above me came down after being outside with her dog Sport for a while.  The idea of her being here felt very weird since I have not talked to her since the end of last month to today.  I did not know what to think.  I am still not very happy and yes, she will have to build her trust with me once again.  With her deciding to believe a liar and hang around those who believe the liar and continue to lie themselves really does not make me feel real good inside.  My heart is not comfortable at all.  I am still very hurt and uncomfortable about this whole thing.  Those who get evicted from Burbank Plaza are those who cause trouble in some way, shape, or form.  Breaking a rule or not listening to the onsite manager will have its consequences in time if a tenant continues to behave unruly.  Yes, we have had some evictions since we have had new management take over in 2013.

While my neighbor was here, RS and Sport, all she talked about was how unhappy she was here and cannot move because she cannot afford it, another tenant was kicked out, that she does not like the manager anymore, and that she got written up for having Sport in the mail area of the lobby.  I have seen her unhappy and heard her complain a lot but not as much as she did tonight.  I was not very comfortable with her doing that but I had to let it go.  The idea of coming to my place again, after our neighbor moved out, was predicted by me as an observer that I am, and the manager even thought she would visit me after a specific tenant moves out.  Yes, the tenant was evicted.

After RS left, I relaxed for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

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