Despite It…

Today is my cousin JJ’s birthday.  Happy 44th birthday, JJ!  I hope you have a wonderful day all day long!  Love you always, girl!

Today is a very relaxing day but I am dealing with some anxiety and mood shifts right now and they are driving me crazy!!!  I am feeling a little mixed up right now and my world is in a bit chaotic in my head because I can not figure it all out right now.  My mind is playing mind games with me today and it is absolutely no fun whatsoever!  Uggh!  I do know one thing, though.  I will get past the mood shifts, the monthly will be over soon, and life does move onward one way or another whether I am ready or not.  Life is moving slowly for me today is all.  Tomorrow may be better or at least today will be yesterday and in the past.  I am going to talk to MM if I can get a hold of her or leave a message for MM to call me later today.

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