My 10/2/14 Thoughts

Today I had to do something that was on my mind for weeks and I will be getting a new Rescare worker in the future.  I have figured out where some of my anxiety has been coming from for the past several weeks.  While talking to the right person about some concerns I have been having about one of my Rescare workers, I learned that another worker of mine had to be let go at this time so I will be having a new worker for every other Saturday and Sunday as well as having a Rescare worker replaced in the near future.  Do I feel bad about saying something?  No, it just took me several weeks to muster up the courage to say something about my concerns.

Today, remember a fine woman in my life who has been gone since October 1, 1997, is remembered in my heart.  Today would have been her 95th birthday if she was still alive.  She died from congestive heart failure at Mercy Hospital.  With her heart issues, I am not here to tell a little bit about losing her.  I am here only to remember a fine woman, my grandmother Myra Irene Fox who was born on October 2, 1919.  I have tons of memories with her that grew from childhood to early adulthood.  She died when I was 27 years old.  Even though Grandma Myra is gone now her birthday is not totally gone from my mind.  I do not celebrate her birthday anymore and have not done so since she has passed away but I do recognize this very day, today, her day.  She was one day short of her 78th birthday and I have known since her death that she is not in pain anymore.  I hope to see her in heaven one day!  Grandma Myra was a wonderful woman with a wonderful heart.  I miss her very much some days but memories of her growing up and stories she has told me through the first 27 years of my life are numerous and my growing up knowing her has been what God has purposely put together.

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