I Thought It Was Going to Work This Time…

I had awakened in hopes that I was poked by a friend on Facebook this morning but it came to my surprise that she was no longer a friend on Facebook and she blocked me. I texted her this morning asking her if I did anything wrong and that she was no longer on Facebook (meaning she was no longer on my page as a friend) but I did not get a text back right away or throughout the day. I chalked it up and took it as something but it has raised a question all day. Here I thought, knowing of our relationship in the past being rocky and always going up and down, maybe we could start on a new slate but apparently this friend did not want. If she decided to befriend me on Facebook and then block me like I did her 2 years ago I let it go. I just woke up and found that she no longer was my friend on Facebook was a shock. I realize now who my true friends are and maybe she was only going to be back for a short time after all. Are we two different people today?
I Thought It Was Going to Work This Time
I was willing to give JSL a second chance. The chance was not because I felt guilty or did not feel it was not going to work. We were texting back and forth from Monday to Thursday and then this morning, after having her on Facebook for two days, she was no longer a friend, and she blocked me. I texted her and asked her if I did anything wrong but never heard from her all day. I was disappointed and confused. What did I do? I thought it was going to work this time. In the meantime I am not going to cry any tears or ask what happened because the relationship I had with JSL has been a rocky one from time to time from the time we became friends. I do not know if it was the influence of certain people in her life or mine or not but that was never really figured out. I did not spend the past two years blasting about JSL in a bad way nor do I intend to do so even today. At the time I walked away from her, two years ago September 1, I had my reasons and I did just block her from Facebook and prevent her from texting and calling me. My emotions were raw and negative at the time I did such a thing but today I would never do that to anyone without giving them a reason why I have to delete them because I want everyone to be able to explain themselves and we can possibly work things out before I decide to delete the person. Why I did what I did 2 years ago is a question I have to answer but I am not forcing myself to dwell on any questions and cause some great anxiety and more confusion in my want to be peaceful world.

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