December 2nd

Another day has come and gone!  Where is time coming and going?  I do not know anymore!  I have vowed I will no longer make no more pacts with myself to write daily and just write whenever I can at any given time.  I will not wake up in the middle of the night and get online unless I really need to that is one pact I will make with myself.  There are nights I do wake up with a thought and the computer is not that far away from me or in another room.  That depends on where I am sleeping and I sleep a lot in my recliner when I really should be sleeping in my bedroom in a bed but I do fall asleep in my recliner a lot.  That is the fact of my life.  My recliner is comfortable at times and not comfortable at other times, lol.

Anyway, for today, it is late and it is time for me to go.  My muscles are relaxing and if I continue to move my body in any way my muscles try to contract and jerk from my body trying to combat the feeling of its relaxing state.  This can be bothersome, somewhat frustrating, and it is NOT comfortable for me to continue fighting the relaxing state.  I find my cerebral palsy contractures very uncomfortable and not fun at all!  I will do my best at writing tomorrow since I, again, have a lot to say.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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