A Moment of Memory Lapse – Entry 1

For some reason I had awakened thinking that it was the 7th of December yesterday and not the 5th or todays date the 6th.  I do not like moments of memory lapse like this.  It scares me sometimes because I feel I have lost something I cannot find.  But now that I realize that it is the 6th today and yesterday was the 5th, I have come to reality again and going on with my day as normal as everyone else in time.  I am okay and my memory lapse has been corrected and corrected on its own within minutes.  It is just a scary moment or two for me is all I can express and explain.  I am too young to have Alzheimer’s and what else comes with memory problems.  Thank goodness I am where I need to be once again in my world and the world around me!

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