Where is Time Going?

Time seems to go by quickly here at the Karnopp household. I have no regrets of not writing in my journal daily because there is no need to do so for the most part. In reality, last week was a very low key kind of week because of very cold, artic temperatures. Although I do not have any children, except for a fur baby – feline – kids did not go to school last Wednesday or Thursday, and I heard that there was a two hour delay for school to start on Friday. I am not sure if that was true for all of the schools in the Janesville, Wisconsin area. Anyway, now with this week half gone by sundown, I do not have worry about going to Bible study/prayer meeting tonight. I have an appointment this afternoon at the hospital – mammogram time. I cannot wear a bra, put on deodorant, lotion, or baby powder on until later/after my appointment. That is one reason why I am not going to Bible study/prayer meeting tonight. I am not going to be properly dressed and/or smell the greatest, lol. I do not like the idea of smelling the greatest! Also, today, I am going to miss the monthly potluck at Burbank Plaza Apartment complex because of my mammogram but that’s okay. I will go to the next potluck next time hopefully! I do have to admit that today has felt like it has been a long day. My appointment – mammogram – was at 1:45 PM and I got in practically on time and the gal who helped me got some pictures and because I have CP on the right side had proved to be a challenge but it was a challenge accomplished after relaxing a bit. With cerebral palsy, contractures are very common and it is hard for me to relax those contracting muscles from time to time. I feel good when I have accomplished something challenging. Anyway … My day has been okay. I am glad to be home. I know for a fact, with the appointment – mammogram – getting out for a couple of hours or so – fresh air – and now relaxing, I will be retiring early tonight. I am now getting tired.

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