A Weekend Gone

Another weekend has passed with nothing much done except church Saturday.  Yesterday Bing and I snuggled and cuddled a lot while watching TV movies Hart to Hart, Diagnosis Murder, Columbo, and Perry Mason all day long.  I did not get any journaling done as I had planned after getting home and after my shower.  Bing Crosby kitty has been such a loving little boy the past few days and he always comes first when it comes to days like that.  I suffer from depression and knows what it is like to have a down day from time to time and maybe my little man is having some down time and wants his “Mommy”. That is when Bing and I have our time and he was very loving last night.  When my mother called last night I had to put her on speaker phone because Bing was really cuddly and snuggly by my face and ear.

Now, Monday has arrived and a new week has come into play.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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