Life Today, April Fool’s Day?, A Birthday Thought

Life Today

Nothing happened today as planned except shower at 10:15 AM, watching television and playing games on my phone. I have to find a different strategy when it comes to writing in my journal/diary because I have Bing Crosby kitty who wants my lap too and Bing Crosby kitty does come first. Now that I am over the nasty cold virus that I had for a week and mossed two Bible study nights until tonight. I snuggled with Bing Crosby kitty most of the day. When it was time for me to go to Bible study this evening, Bing Crosby was being a typical cat not wanting me to get up. Even getting a treat or two was not going to get him to jump down from my lap right away, lol. We did finally get up and ready to go and Bing still got his treats as I left for church for Bible study.

April Fool’s Day?

I have been pranked and tricked when I was a child but I do not like April Fool’s Day anymore. I dislike being pranked and do not wish to prank anyone myself. I have been asked if I have been pranked yet today and my answer was no. I think of the 1st of April as an ordinary day and someone’s birthday.

A Birthday Thought

Someone I know has a birthday today.  I have not seen or heard from this tenant or neighbor for a while now.  I do wish her a happy birthday — a good day anyway.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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