Good Friday Thoughts

I went to pay rent this morning after my shower gal left and did see that the office was closed for the day due to an emergency.  I hope that the manager is okay or her world is okay.  I am praying for her and her family – whatever her emergency is.  I have not seen her for the past two weeks because I have been sick with a cold virus and I did not want others to get sick so I stayed home.  I do know that she knows that I am still around because she sees and hears people come and go to my place like clockwork.  (((hehehe))) I was hoping to see her today but the note stated the “office is closed on April 3rd because of an emergency”  … My heart goes out to her.

I was able to text back and forth with JSL for a little bit today but not much because she has a busy weekend.  I do not blame her for taking time off from texting from time to time to be very honest here.  She wished me a good day, a happy Easter, and a good weekend, and will talk to me again on Monday.  Her stepson is visiting for the week since it was Spring Break for the kids in school so her stepson stay last weekend and the entire week, and will be returning home to his mom’s on Sunday.  I do not have any major plans this weekend except church tomorrow and Sunday.  My dad’s 73rd birthday is Sunday this year – on Easter Sunday – and I will be calling him to wish him a “happy birthday” and “happy Easter” unless he calls first.

Not much going on today.  A snuggle here and there with Bing Crosby the cat, watching Law & Order: SVU, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and some of 19 Kids & Counting.  Jessa Duggar got married on Tuesday’s episode to a gentleman named Ben Seawald (sp??)  Now the oldest son, Jill, and Jessa are married out of 19 kids from Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.  Yes, I am a Duggar fan.  For the rest of the week, before today, I watched some Columbo movies I had recorded on my DVR box.  I am also a Peter Falk fan.

It has been a fine week.  Somewhat boring of course. (((SMILE))) Next week I plan on getting back on track with my schedule.

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