A New Month Has Come

Oh my, the month of May is gone now and June has arrived.  Spring is on its way out and Summer is on its way in.  A new “work” week has started.  Today I have grocery shopping and laundry/cleaning.  My shower was at 9 AM this morning and we got a jump start of my morning by accident when I started giving orders to the shower gal BEFORE she called in. I have to change my ways a little with that … starting Friday when she comes again.  I have to be more patient.  I believe I have to learn patience from my cat Bing Crosby kitty.  He knows patience better than I do!

I have my period right now and that is no excuse for my giving orders.  I do get a little bossy at times and this is where I do fall into a pattern.  Now that I know, I am going to get  better at what I do and start taking it easier on people and myself.  I have a fault and that fault needs to be taken care of IMMEDIATELY!  I need to change.

Once again I have taken time to write very little at Dear Diary but I NEED to change that as well.  Maybe with a new month starting, I can start writing in my diary more but that is a promise I can not keep because I want to and do not want to at the same time.  I have not found writing in a journal boring or anything.  Time has to be found on a daily basis one way or another.

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