This Week Is Going Okay So Far

I do have to admit that this week is going by okay so far for a Wednesday morning.  I have an appointment to see the gynocologist this afternoon at 1:45 PM.  Someone new at the Dean Clinic.  It is just a meet and great sort of appointment to see if Dr. K can help me with my tightness due to cerebral palsy or not.  The idea of be sedated or put under does not sound comfortable to me but if Dr. K does say so, as another gynocologist requested, I will probably consider it but the last gynocologist was from Mercy.  I have an issue with Mercy doctors now-a-days because of what happened in 2012.  The only portion of Mercy I have great respect for is the psychiatric lockdown.  I also have great respect for Dr. H, Dr. TK, Dr. O, and Dr. M who was in the ER the day I had gone to the hospital for the fifth time and heard what I needed and wanted done and got me admitted.  I also have great respect for Dr. A who was doing her 3 year residency at Mercy South clinic. I am about to go all Dean/St. Mary’s Hospital despite my respect for the doctors mentioned.  I have yet to talk to my transplant coordinator.about that.

Anyway, so far so good!  Today I have my shower at 10:15 AM to 11:15 AM then I have an my appointment, then the rest of the day is all mine and Bing Crosby the cat’s.  I had planned on getting up early but I had gotten up around 9:30 AM this morning that was not early enough to get some things done before my shower gal RK came.  Oh well.  I have some time, before 1:15 PM to do what needs to be done before I leave for my appointment and after I get back.

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