A Weekend of Relaxation For the Most Part

Okay …

This week has been a very emotional one for me!  It started over the weekend and now I am going to take today and tomorrow to relax after the sun sets tonight.  I will go to church on Sunday. though.  After deleting and blocking CSE from my phone, Facebook, and Google+ my heart has hit a snag and I have cried a lot because I had to do what I had to do for my emotional health.  I cannot be friends with anyone who will not help themselves and is in denial they need help after people have told them they need help.  That s the way CSE is right now.  People have told her she needs help but she completely goes into a blank state of mind as if she is retreating into her own world – a world she sees no wrong.  She also gets defensive and stomps around like a child saying no one cares about her.  I HAD TO GET FROM BEING ABUSED BY CSE AND ALLOW THE HURT TO FINALLY HEAL. So my week has been on a “what do I have to do for myself is to be safe” mode once again and another friend had to be deleted from my life.  If I thought it gets easier as time moves forward from walking away from people, it doesn’t, and I have to say I have been thinking with rose colored glasses on my face!


I am gong to take tonight through to Sunday morning at 9 AM to relax.

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