I Have Always Wondered Why

When I was in my early 20’s I tried smoking for two weeks but found it rather disgusting and gross, and unappealing to the eye.  Today, over twenty years later, I have found smoking gross, unappealing, and distasteful.  With this being said, I have always wondered why, since I tried smoking cigarettes, why others would want to defile their own bodies with risk of cancer … It is just gross and disgusting.  Why am I bringing this up now?  It is because there are tenants in the building who smoke.

Every time i see someone sitting or standing outside the building and smoking at the smoking corner, I wonder why someone would smoke a cigarette that causes cancer and other problems to their bodies.  Then again, with my two weeks of smoking, addiction can happen and definitely does happen to those who have been smoking longer than two weeks!  I did find smoking calming at one point in time but before I got addicted, I stopped smoking and never picked up a cigarette again and wish that others would stop as well,  We have choices and I have chose to stop and the choices of those who continue to smoke is not my problem.  I just dislike observing people who smoke.  I know who smokes in the building and I have a worker who does smoke as well but she does not smoke in front of me in public areas outside the building without asking me first.  I have a shower gal who smokes and every now and then I can smell it on her clothes.  When it is real strong, I end up getting headaches that last a few hours to a couple of days, and Tylenol does not help the headaches.  Thankfully smoking has been prohibited in the building apartments and those who do smoke have to go outside to smoke in the areas smoking is allowed.

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