So Much To Say! II

I still have so much to say and yet again I do not have a whole lot of time to do so!  I have been putting my duties of writing on the back burner once again and leaving my thoughts stay in my head until I can not hold them in any longer.  It is not like yesterday when someone irritated me in the morning after she arrived and started to work.  I am beginning to realize that BS is not a happy person who does not smile often enough,  I do not feel sorry for her but will pray for her wellbeing and her love for God,  Don’t worry about it – I vented in my “A Place to Vent” folder where it stays.

Anyway, my shower gal will be here in about 20 minutes so my time writing right now is limited until after lunch sometime.  I have an errand to run this morning – a medical related one – wand then the rest of the day is mine.  I have been going to the community room every week to color with other tenants who I have become friendly with in the past two to three weeks now.  I have been doing my best at getting out more instead of staying in my apartment ALL day whenever possible.  I will get a call from my friend SG if we are going to be coloring tonight.  I would have last night, but it turned out that my Lasix drove me to stay home last night running to the bathroom.  LOL

I still have a lot to say, but time has its place right now.  I will be okay, though,  Bing has been a very good cat these days as well.  When I am feeling down and about to cry, he’s been right there for me.  Bing Crosby the cat has been so loving and appreciative of what is around him.  He has been playful and cuddly, talkative, and listening to me.  The only thing that I have my eye on, yesterday, was the fact the cord to the blinds for the living room window was among his toys on the floor.  That is one string he is not allowed to play with so I told him that the string was not a toy and it did not belong to us but to the window blinds.  He looked at me, meowed, and turned to  play with his favorite toy we call “snake on a stick” that has feathers on it.  When most cats get wild and crazy with catnip Bing does not nor does he even touch it so I have found a toy he really likes that has feathers.  I have learned that feathers are his things and I consider that his catnip.  Yes, he has been very playful and so fun to watch these days.  Even in July he took his rabies shot very well like a big boy and then he took his distemper shot this month like a big boy as well.  I can not ask for more for a well-behaved cat most of the time.  I rarely have to scold him or tell him twice.  He is my baby boy at 10 years of age!

See what I mean about having a lot to say?  Now, you get it.  Things are popping out from the back burner of my mind – memory. I will write more later or another day.

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