Relaxing Day

Okay… I could not have asked for more today because after my shower gal left and MM called I was able to relax for the rest of the day without any interruptions or the need to feel interrupted.  That was a wonderful feeling.  I took the time to do my Bible reading before and after my shower gal came and I also got my bills paid.  This month, due to the timing of changing internet providers my Charter Spectrum bill was the highest of all highest bills I have received in a very long time – 17 years.  I was able to pay the bill in full with a few cents extra at a rounded rate.  Don’t worry because I still have enough for groceries this month,  I can not spend money on anything else right now.  Even my Naturebox is part of my monthly bills this month.  I want my Naturebox snacks this month, I sat and watched television, had lap time with Bing Crosby the cat, and have decided to go to bed early – 8 PM after I took my medication.  I did not have any social time with friends in the community room today as I hoped because I have to get up early for church in the morning in order to get ready.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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