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I still have thoughts going through this head of mine and yesterday was only one thought that needed to find its way out before it ate me alive.  With October 15th now behind me, I can move on.  I did have a fine day for the most part but having to remember a brother’s birthday and not able to say happy birthday to him was hurtful.  I just wish he would wake up and smell the coffee and see that his wife is who she is – destructive.  His wife makes me sick, angry, and want to say un-Christian things, but I will keep them to myself and my friend Jesus.

Today being Friday and weekend I have been looking forward to having for the past few days – Tuesday actually – has finally come.  I have had my shower at 9 AM this morning, got dressed in comfortable clothing for the day, watched TV for a while, took a short nap, and then went across the hall to the community room to color with three other awesome neighbors, and then came back to spend some time with myself once again with a kitty in sight.

I watched 20/20 tonight and could not believe what the topic was about!  A boy who is not in jail for killing four people and injuring a few other people in a car accident, and his parents allow him to do things a spoiled teenager is allowed to do.  I believe this boy’s parents are negligent and have some parenting issues.  The boy needs to spend time in jail.  This boy was drunk and high on drugs at the time.  No parent, in their right mind, would give the car keys to a 13-year-old boy.  I would make the child walk or ride his bike to his destination at that age.  Also, when the parents were talking, the mother stated that she did not know that her son was drunk at the time until after had had peed in a parking lot of a known store I believe was Wal-Mart and that he was drinking a week prior to the accident he had been in causing death and injured others.  The father stated that he feels that he and his wife are not bad parents.  Umm, I do not agree with the father.  He and wife are not good parents who need parenting skills.  The mother knew about her son’s drinking in their own home!  Something is wrong here!  Yet, again, this is my opinion and I am only one person.  I believe justice has not been handled properly, but then again the boy does need help with his addictions.

For the past several hours now I have been debating on watching yesterday’s episode of Dr. Phil.  I am watching today’s episode and find this one girl who is yet not a teenager but 12 years of age – pre-teen.  The show’s title today was “I Am Becoming a Trend Topic”.  This girl, named Tracey, loves negative attention.  Her attitude on the show is stuck up and she seems unrealistic.  She says she calls her mother a bitch and does not ever see her dad who is sick in bed and does not talk.  She says she does not love her family and acts so immature.  She is so immature that she does not see the dangers of what can happen to her if she continues, but then again she does not care what happens to her.  She likes guys with high sex numbers like herself!  Oh my goodness, why are kids so self-absorbed like this?  She needs major help!

These are my thoughts for the day and evening.  Now it is time for me go to bed.  I am, practically, 3-hours past my bedroom tonight!  I am going to say good night and come back tomorrow.  I do not plan to go to church this weekend and have my own time with God alone here at home this weekend, relax, and do some writing, reading, and watching recorded TV programming.  I have my shower at 4 PM tomorrow and 3 PM Sunday.

Good night!

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