Not Anymore

Knowing what I did as a child dressing up in my favorite of the year Halloween costume, I no longer do that.  I do not even hand out candy to trick and treaters.  Where I live, we do not have kids coming into the building knocking door to door.  Of all the property management companies as we have had in the years I have lived here – 3 property managements – we have not had the opportunity to do that.  I find that a fine rule to be very honest here.  Children are allowed to visit their loved ones here but can not live here.  Do I mind kids?  No, I do not mind kids, but when they misbehave and not listening to their elder is when I have a little trouble with.  Kids have to behave or I am out.

I do not like Halloween anymore.  It has become uninteresting to me in the past few years. I do not like the idea of decorating for the holiday – a pagan holiday that honors the dead – like many others do.  I do not like going to parties where people dress up in their favorite costume.  It seems to be distasteful to me.  Please excuse my feelings about Halloween.  I have seen friends dressed up in cute costumes, but it is not my favorite thing to do anymore.  I have outgrown the whole idea of Halloween altogether.  I just wish that people would understand the real meaning of Halloween today and do away with “trick or treating”, and stop handing out candy.  Please excuse me for bursting the bubble here.

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