Taking Time Away From Journaling

I have been kept up-to-date about “Grandpa Van” and his recent condition and I know he is going to be leaving us very soon.  I have been busy since October 23, 2015, going to meetings at the SDA church in Beloit, Wisconsin and having a great time.  The only night that the meetings are taking place is on Monday and Thursday night.  The last meeting is on November 7, 2015, in the morning during church service.  So, I am taking a break from journaling.  I am not feeling stressed out or anything but the meetings – Prophecy Seminar – do run from 7 PM to 8 PM every night and I get home late which is usually past 9 PM.  I just get in the house, get my jammies or comfies on, take my evening medication, then go right to bed so I can manage the next day with my scheduled showers and needs of the following day.  I will return as soon as I can.

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