“Grandpa Van” 6

This past weekend was a very busy weekend for CV and her husband, and the rest of the “Van” family!  After church on Saturday morning, I went to the house for lunch and then met a couple of people I have yet not met.  After lunch, although I did not want to leave, I left to go get ready for Sunday morning when the memorial was planned.  The lunch was fantastic!!  CV put together a fine lunch for herself, Pastor “Van”, his three sisters and their spouses, two nephews, a cousin of Pastor “Van’s”, Pastor “Van’s” and CV’s two sons, and their wives, and of course, one of the nephews has a wife as well.  It was a houseful of people.  The memorial was beautiful.  I have never been to a Seventh-day Adventist church funeral before until this past Sunday.  I will talk about it more tomorrow.  It is getting late and I am tired.

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