News this Week – San Bernardino

On my goodness gracious!  We have been dealing with a lot of shootings and attacks in the United States for a few years now.  What happened this week in San Bernardino has not shaken those involved and the community.  It touched my heart in such a way that September 11, 2001, has been playing off and on in my mind.  What was I doing that day 14 years ago has been coming into my dreams from the back burner of memories that are stored there.  My heart goes out to the community and families of San Bernardino, California.  The idea of terrorism comes to mind and I feel yet that has to be confirmed at this point, but my heart says it was another terrorist attack.  My heart aches!  My life is still going forward but this week I feel a heaviness I have not felt for three years now.  Anxiety and other emotions have been playing yet I went Christmas shopping, cleaning and laundry, got my Christmas presents for family all wrapped up, got help, of course, and put under the Christmas tree I have.  I am learning that I can function despite the chaos around me.  I feel I have gotten a taste of politics in the past several hours and what it is happening does hit close to home more than I realize.  This week has changed me in a way I cannot explain.

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