What A Sunday

I am not going to argue about today really.  The only thing I was worried about was Bing Crosby the cat. He was very talkative and meowing up a storm, and acting so strange.  What did he get into?  I have no idea.  He was very talkative today and when he walked or jumped up and down from places, he practically did somersaults.  I could not argue the fact that I have had a lap cat on my lap most of the day and did not have a whole lot of time online as I had planned because Bing Crosby the cat does come first no doubt.  I just never heard him talk – meow – so much today.  Did he get into some catnip?  No, he didn’t…I do not think so anyway, LOL  If Bing did get into some catnip, now I know what happens, LOL.  I cannot wait to see DB tomorrow.   She will not be shocked that Bing was very talkative because he is very talkative with her and RK.  I just love my baby boy is all.  Anyway, he slept with me the entire night or most of it and it was peaceful for both of us.  Christmas is just around the corner and has he been a good kitty?  For the most part he has been a very good boy.

Talk to my mom and Bing gets one of his Christmas presents on Friday!  December 18th is his/our “gotcha day” anniversary.  Yes, he got a couple of toys with feathers and catnip.  Yes, he has a toy (2) with feathers and catnip.  I wonder how the toy is going to be played with, LOL

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