Can My Recliner Be Fixed?

I  had found a screw on the floor by stepping on it yesterday morning while getting ready for church.  It did not hurt, but I did question where it came from.  Then all of a sudden I remembered the recliner acting funny when I went to decline mode to get to where I needed to be at the moment, not knowing that a screw came out and a bolt had broken.  I took the screw to show to Pastor V and I told him about the recliner acting funny earlier in the morning and looked for any missing screws and bolts on my walker.  He asked me where I found it and I told him that the screw was founded by the right side of the recliner when I stepped on it.  So the Pastor said he would come by when he and his wife could come and take a look at it, and they did this evening before dinner while they were out and about,  Pastor V looked under the chair and noticed where the screw and bolt came from and said it can be fixed.  That is a relief from my mind and heart.  Remember when I had gotten the chair and the cord that operating the chair stopped working because the cord was cut clean through, and now a screw and bolt needs to be replaced, and Pastor V will replace ALL the screws and bolts with stronger materials.

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