The Rest of My Day

After DB left, I had the rest of the day to myself as I waited patiently for the manager and someone – a stranger – to come in to inspect my apartment for anything that needed to be fixed.  I do not even know when they finally arrived to my place but when it was my turn there was some laughter and goofiness, and of course, the manager had to keep Bing Crosby the cat company as he meowed a lot.  Yes, Bing loves to talk in cat when he knows and remember someone who comes to visit.  I rarely have visitors anymore because I enjoy my quiet time and have my place to myself.  I know that sounds boring but that is how I am today.

I did a lot of reading of Thurston House by Danielle Steel and I am really enjoying the book very much.  I am now in the 3rd part of the book titled Sabrina – the Later Years.  It is so hard to see that her son Jonathan is so mean to her and wanting this and that like a spoiled child who never got reprimanded for such behavior.  Sabrina’s husband and Jonathan’s father John Harte died in a train derailment on his way to a meeting when Jonathan was 2 years old.  It just pains me, even though this is only a story, that a child like Jonathan would be demanding and mean to his mother.  I remember when I was growing up, if I got sassy or acted like a spoiled daughter, there would be consequences and a lot of groundings, and maybe some spankings.  I never thought of myself spoiled but I have seen my share of spoiled brats who got everything and anything they wanted more than than they needed.  Anyway, I am really enjoying the book a lot.  Reading for pleasure has been a great joy the past few days.

Even though it is still early in the day and close to evening, I am done reading for the day and will continue to do that tomorrow.  I do my best at getting to some writing and reading, and computer stuff done before my shower gal comes but sometimes i find myself having to wait because Bing Crosby the cat is napping in my desk chair.  If you want to know, Bing is kind of spoiled and he is very good at playing his role as a spoiled kitty cat.  My shower gal will come from 9 to 10 AM and then after that, the day is all mine and Bing’s, and I surely hope that I get some computer stuff done tomorrow, lol.

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