The Days Are Flying By So Quickly

The Days Are Flying By So Quickly

I cannot get over the fact that this month is going by so quickly. The days are flying by. I would have taken time to write in my journal yesterday but I had other things to do before journaling and before sundown. I have been trying something new for the past couple of days that my Word program does have. It has dictation built in the program so I am actually talking as I am writing. It is a nice feature to have. Now when I pray to God and write my letters to him I can talk instead of typing my words. I am using it right now just to test it. Sometimes it doesn’t understand what I am saying so I have to type it in then but that is okay. It is a nice feature to have so everything is hands-free.

I know I just kind a got off the subject A little bit because I was talking about how the days are flying by so quickly. With it being April 23, 2016 I wonder where half the month. It pays to be busy and doing other things instead of sitting on your bottom all day. Since it is early in the morning at 7:08 AM I have to say that this is not the only entry I’m going have at the moment. I have to have to church a little bit before 9 AM as my ride will be here. My alarm clock will go off at 7:15 AM. LOL… I will be back later when I get home from church this afternoon. Goodbye for now.

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