When Not Feeling Very Well Time Seem To Go By Slowly!

When I do not feel  very good, with a cold or the flu, or just feeling very good, i do have to admit that time seems to go by very slowly.  I cannot believe that it is only going to be 12 noon in about half an hour and believe me I feel it is later that that!  UUGGHH!  Oh well.  I have watched an hour of Murder, She Wrote TV show now in syndication for years, watched a Murder She Wrote movie at 8 AM and again I am watching another Murder, She Wrote Movie titled Murder, She Wrote: To Die For.  It is mystery movie day,  I will also be watching two Gourmet Detective movies this afternoon with an interruption called a shower at 2 PM.  UUGGHH…RK will not be here for an about two and a half hours!  I think I am going to go and relax a bit before she comes and get some more sleep.

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