Happy Birthday Wishes, Plans to Clean Dear Diary, and Feelings

Happy Birthday Wishes

Today is NMS’s birthday.   I believe she is 83 years old. I will call her some time today to wish her a happy birthday.

Plans to Clean Dear Diary

At the new Dear Diary site I have created some pages. Those pages are “My Christian Journal”, “A Place to Vent”, and a couple of other entries. Well… it has been a while since I have actually written to those pages so I have been thinking about deleting those pages and writing at my diary at Dear Diary from now on without having those pages. Dear Diary is public to those who have diaries there and that is as far as my entries will go. I have to think about it and find an answer tomorrow on what I want to do. If I do decided to delete some pages, I will definitely write what is on my mind at my public diary at Dear Diary from now on. My life is important to me, God, and many other people and friends. I have already begun to write more little entries in one entry per day now instead of more than one (if applicable) every couple of hours or whenever I have a thought. From time to time I will write a second entry if the need arises.


When I am talking about feelings, I am talking about emotional feelings. I am still feeling the embarrassment of what happened to me financially before the middle of the month. I am grateful for my neighbor and friend lending me money for groceries. I promised her and myself I would only get food with the money she lent me and nothing else. I will not get bath gels or non-food items with the money. So far so good with managing the money I was loaned. I have told Pastor Van about what happened and have kept him up to date on how things are going. I cannot wait until June 3, 2016 when money gets deposited into my account for the month of June. I will be careful about spending any money outside my bills and rent. I am supposed to get a refund for ending services with the Geek Squad so that will help until the 3rd of June when it gets deposited. I am not going to go hungry. I’d go hungry before my cat Bing would. He comes first after God does. Bing is my number 1 priority, my fur baby of 10 years now, and I love him very much.


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