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I was impressed with how fast time went when it came to my appointment.  I got in on time and saw Dr. K saw me come in and said hello to me as I walked in.  After I walked in, I was taken into a room within minutes, had my eye exam, glaucoma pressure checked (great result on both eyes), and then the exam (no prescription change again for the 2nd time) so I will have the same glasses again for another year or two.  I had gotten my eyes dilated so the doctor can check the back of the eye as all is (boring) and I have a 2nd cataract forming on the left eye but it is not necessary to get rid of at this time.  The cells are beginning to form is all.   I saw 20/25 with the left eye two years ago and 20/20 this year and 20/40 with the right eye two years ago and again this year.  There is no need to change my prescription even if the change was slight with the left eye.  Woo hoo!

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