Was This A Different Monday Of Sorts?

I Am Going To be Okay!

I am going to be okay.  I just have gas issues.  I do not have appendicitis.  I just ended up having a major gas bubble  and I took care of myself right.  I did take it easy yesterday and a little bit today to rest my gas bubble – a very big one.  I did let my kidney coordinator know what happened yesterday morning between 3 AM and 4 AM, what I did, and why I did, and I was told I made a good call and took good care of myself.  My phone was an arms length away from me just in case it was not a severe gas bubble, a thermometer, and needed meds right there by me in case.  I was ready to dial 911 in case I had to.  I did not panic exactly but I surely did think appendicitis at first immediately.

Acknowledging Grandpa Clarence’s Birthday

Okay, I know this can be strange to some people even after a relative has passed away and is no longer with those on earth but I have been acknowledging my grandpa’s birthday for a long time now – since he had died on February 15, 2003.  Even though Grandpa CVF is not alive anymore but a fond memory of a granddaughter he doted on since I was a baby he is 104 years old today – died at age 90 – a few months short of his 91st birthday, which would have been July 25th.  My grandpa and I share(d) the same month for birthdays when Grandma MIJF and my brother GLK shared the same month for birthdays.  I do miss my grandpa very much!

My Day

Despite the excess gas bubble issue and acknowledging my Grandpa CVF’s birthday, I do have to admit that my day has not been too bad.  At first, I thought I wouldn’t go grocery shopping this morning but realized that I had something I wanted to do and I did want to get out a little bit.  I wanted to go to the bank and that is exactly what I did.  DB took my laundry to the laundromat today since the laundry room was being used up today.  We will finish some cleaning Thursday.  Woo hoo, I am going to color my hair again the reddish brown I did in March next week.

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