Update About Yesterday…

I will admit that I did write MM an email this morning and did call and left voice mails at work to talk to her about my email.  She did call me after 7 PM … still at work at IDS when i received the call.  I was surprised to see the number pop up on my phone at that hour.  MM and I talked about my email and I tried to tell her how I felt about a couple of things…writing is better for me.  Our conversation ended with that I was not to worry about our discussion and MM will take care of everything.  I also told her, since we talked this evening we do not have to talk anymore this week (Friday) during our normal day and time.  Believe me when I sometimes do not know if she will call me on Thursday or Friday.  It varies from week to week and her schedule but she ALWAYS calls me.  I had to talk to her about what happened yesterday so I considered our talk today/this evening as our normal call.

I am going to take my medication and head to bed early tonight.  I am not feeling the hottest emotionally today.  Talking to MM about what happened yesterday has helped enough that I will not lose sleep…hopefully.  I am going to say good night and God bless.

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