My Voice Will Be Heard and Maybe Not Understood At Times

Okay, I have been thinking and have been thinking about a lot of things that are political and that does bother me very much.  I just want to scream at how people are so Democratic and people are so Republican.  This year’s political happenings have been nothing but a total joke that caused so many people to be angry, upset, and showing their true side of who they are as Democrats and Republicans are.  People are for Hillary and people are for Trump.  At the rate things are going I am not for neither the way they act towards each other and battle for the Presidency of the White House.  It is just a farce this time around.  Even social media is having their field days right when they would love to be.  It is that bad.  What has happened to morals and the freedom of speech seems to have gone so far.

Hillary has painted a picture so far from her perfect image that her words do not seem true to me and Donald Trump, a supposed good business man, has his problems with his mouth and money management at this time according to social media and news reports.  I have told myself to stay away from the debates they are having because of them both being childish and just grasping at straws just to get in the White House.

Yes, politics are important and yes, I am affected by the political choices the government has laid upon us…helpful or not as much of any help.  I am disabled to a point with a condition call cerebral palsy but my mind is sharp and I have observational skills that let me know when red flags are rising or have been raised, and I do become fearful of outcomes at times when I feel so alone in my thinking and do not rely on God for comfort and support just to get rid of the loneliness I sometimes feel.  I was born with feelings like everyone else who are not disabled.

I am a silent speaker for animals who cannot speak for themselves and I do sign petitions to alert powers to be who take a look at petitions and do something about the petitions signed by me and many other people.  I will also make my voice heard in hearings for other disabled friends and for those who are disabled I do not know personally.  I am not as politically inclined as I would like to be but I will take a stand where my stand will make a big difference in an area that is important to for non-profit organizations that need an extra hand someone.  My voice will be heard.

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