Is Hatred Among Us

My heart is aching over a friendship that seems to be on the sidelines right now because of a neighbor’s boyfriend has kept me up at nights past 11 pm and 2 am when we are supposed to have quiet hours at my end of the building.  My neighbor’s boyfriend would be heavy footed every night and for three nights out of the week he stayed here he had rudely awakened me after 11 PM until after 3 AM every morning.  With everything going on in my health realm of life right now I do not need any anxiety provoking issues going on outside my doctor appointments, medical tests, and not enough sleep at night.  Yes, I am here venting today because RS and her dog Sport were coming into the building from outside when Sport saw me and tried to come to me but RS kept him from doing so.  Ouch and rude.  There was nothing I could have done as I had to do something about a neighbor who has been thinking of herself more than anyone else’s needs and that is exactly what RS has done when her boyfriend was here for the few days he was.  Now, the worst part of this is the fact that she is blaming me for turning her in when tenants are not to know who complained unless that has changed.  I could not go directly to RS because her boyfriend was here all the time and when I finally met him red flags and warnings came shooting up in  my head and I find him very creepy.

With that said I do know that someone needs to be loved, feel loved, and be in love.  RS has that right.  When it comes to someone else’s expense that certain things are happening late at night and tenants are kept awake from sleep at late hours of the night and early morning it can become a little stressful, uncomfortable, and feeling yucky from not enough sleep.  It is sad.  After what happened this afternoon my friendship with RS is over with and I will not trust her again.  She has broken a rule that was set for the comfort of other tenants and her attitude has become questionable.  She has been hot and cold, and I have been told that the Christian she professes to be has a dark side of her that can be real nasty when profanity hits the roof of her mouth.  Where Becky has gotten this boyfriend is questionable as well and he does not have a vehicle but a bike.  He can not be trusted in my book.

I feel I have given RS enough chances to redeem herself from her attitude in the four years I have known her.  I can not take any more of her attitude and her Christian attitude being questioned.  I think she has become selfish and not caring about other people since she has found what is love to her in the past three to four months with a questionable man.  Rumors are flying around again that are be told to me as I have not been home a lot lately or been to appointments that are required for me to go to at this time and when I am home I am in my apartment more than roaming about the building or going into the community room.  It has been a crazy 9 1/2 months here in my spinning world of emotion.

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