Happy Thanksgiving! My Venting Phase and A Shocking Notice

Happy Thanksgiving Thoughts

(For some reason I have lost some of my paragraph and cannot locate it) in a nursing home in Beloit, Wisconsin. At one time, Grandpa and Grandma Van have been in a nursing facility together until his death.  I have been blessed with wonderful friends, as the Van’s and I do love them very much. I am looking forward to seeing Grandma It’s Thanksgiving Day and I would like to wish my friends and family a wonderful Thanksgiving!  No major plans today except to go over to Pastor Van and CV’s house for an early afternoon vegetarian meal, veggies, salad, and pumpkin pie for dessert.  I have been going to the Van’s house for the past 5 to 6 years for Thanksgiving and Christmas now since family live in New Mexico and Arkansas most of the time.  The Van’s have made sure I have not been alone on the both holidays.  I am so looking forward to seeing C and L, Pastor Van’s sister and brother-in-law, and Grandma Van.  Grandpa Van had passed away in October 2015 and Grandma Van is now Van today. She is going to be joining the family at Pastor Van and CV’s house today for Thanksgiving this afternoon, and I have not seen Grandma Van since she has been moved to a nursing home in Beloit, Wisconsin.

With that said, first things first.  I just woke up and will be having a shower at 8:30 AM once RK gets here.  Having to cancel my shower yesterday because of an appointment, I am indeed ready for a shower this morning.  Otherwise my day is, right now, quiet with white noise in the bedroom and living room so I do not hear my neighbor above me so much when her boyfriend is around.  He’s the noisy one after 11 PM most nights, and I am getting sick and tired of his constant noise after 11 PM until 3 AM each morning.  MM from IDS came over yesterday afternoon for me to sign papers for IRIS and she came up with the white noise idea for the living room and bedroom.  I am so glad that I have two white noise machines now.  Poor Bing was on the hunt for a few minutes last night when the white noise machine was first turned on to the sound of birds in a rainforest.  It was awesome to see as well as a little comical.

Anyway, today is going to be a busy afternoon for me.  I am looking forward to being with “family by choice” today.  I have been enjoying time with Pastor Van and CV every chance I get to be with them at church once or twice a month and Bible study meetings.  There were no Bible study meetings this week because of the Thanksgiving holiday but next week we are going to get back to study until Christmas and New Year’s Day.  I am going to have a very good day today no matter how I feel or what is planned after I get back home for the evening.

My Venting Phase

I know i have been doing a lot of venting these days about RS and her boyfriend I do not like one bit. It is not because he spends a lot of time with her or helps her out that I do not like him.  When I met him one morning I got a bad vibe about him that I cannot really shake off.  I have heard stories from other tenants who also happen to know RS well enough that she is very happy and happy to see her happy but he too rubs the wrong way with others.  I do have to admit, with my misgivings about RS’ boyfriend, I am indeed happy that she is in love and happy with this man she is now dating.  I do wish her the best in her future but in the meantime her actions and attitude with me does not wash off that easily with me.  RS has become someone who is definitely showing how hot and cold she can become with people.  Not once has she apologized for the toilet overflowing into my apartment bathroom and foyer.  I am disappointed to have learned from a friend that I will never get an apology from RS.  I have come to know the RS I have never met.  She is not a very pleasant neighbor or friend.  I believe her father, a minister at one time, would be disappointed in his daughter right now if he was alive today.  I am very disappointed in her myself.  I am glad I have decided to walk away from our friendship and just pray for her when I am feeling so lost without her now.  I have been hurt very badly by a friend I thought would be a friend for the rest of our lives but now that is not going to happen anymore.  This is my venting phase for the day.

As far as my friendship is over with RS, I feel I have been stuck in a rut over the loss of a beautiful friendship I thought would last for the rest of our days on this earth together.  I am hurting very badly and find it hard to even face her or talk to her because her boyfriend is always around taking her time away from other neighbors and friends.  I do feel bad about the fact that she was in the hospital over the weekend because of an infection in her leg but I do not really like the fact that her boyfriend is noisy during quiet hours the building has.  He’s just seems disrespectful to others.  If RS’ boyfriend hurts her in any way, I will not be happy even though my friendship with her is over for good.  My life right now cannot see our friendship continue as it was now.  I wish I could be there for her like I once was but unfortunately I cannot do so.  My heart does ache for what is no longer here or there between RS.  I have a trust issue with this boyfriend of hers that I have decided to I can no longer be a part of RS’ life no can she be a part of my life.  She has also lost her trust with me that I felt changing out my modem and password was something I had to do to protect myself from him.  I have not given out my new modem and password information to anyone but two people I have come to really trust in my life right now.  My trust in people right now has gotten less.

A Shocking Notice

I believe some church members of a church I attend from time to time are in great shock and disbelief.  I have heard that the head pastor has resigned because he has been unfaithful to his wife with infidelity.  Upon hearing this this morning my heart is breaking that as I have gotten to know the pastor with great respect.  I am going to be praying for the pastor and his wife.  May God give the family the healing they all need at this time of troublesome waters in their lives.  I am pleased that the pastor has openly apologized to the congregation for his infidelity to his wife and holding such a secret for as long as he has done so.  I am sorry he has resigned his position as the head pastor of the church I attend from time to time.  He is going to be missed.

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