My Sunday Morning Thoughts For Today

I am not totally sure if I can say good morning yet with time going on 10 AM in good ol’ Wisconsin this morning. I did not sleep very well because I dreamt some strange dreams all night. I can say that I am glad that it is only Sunday morning and the weekend is not over yet – thank goodness. I have a fairly busy afternoon today. My shower at 3 PM to 4 PM, talking to my mom, and a nurse is coming from Mercy Home Health sometime this afternoon after the lunch hour of noon. I do have to admit that I have a lot of things going on in my life medically and physically, and anything (practically everything) may cause anxiety that is outside my medical health. I have been dealing with a disrespectful neighbor and her boyfriend, and my thought about this neighbor right now is “I do not want her in my life anymore” attitude. She has become someone who has been showing her true colors with her attitude and behavior now that she has a boyfriend. I can only pray for this neighbor now and continue to live my life without her in it the best I can. The past several weeks have been emotionally stressful and living at Burbank Plaza has become uncomfortable and unbearable. I have been keeping to myself lately like I have done so for two years when SB was onsite manager here.   I just cannot handle anything that is outside my own, personal, and private life. I have decided to become a little more private than I have ever been.

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