My Evening Thoughts For 11/29/16

It is going on 8 PM here in good ol’ Wisconsin.  I have the Sycamore Row book almost all read.  I have 8 ½ chapters to go.  I have not really been able to put the book down lately.  I believe, if my day goes as planned tomorrow with my shower at 8:30 AM, Mercy Home Health nurse coming in the morning (hopefully), and Bible study at 7 PM at the SDA Janesville church, I might have the book all finished and begin another good book I had gotten from the community room here at Burbank Plaza Apartments. Anyway, I have decided to turn the TV off around 7:30 PM and finish reading a section of chapter 39 before heading to my evening journaling and then to bed for the night.  I know I have kind of complained about the time of getting dark so early has been a bothersome ritual this fall and winter but I am going to be doing my very best at staying up until at least 7:30 – 8 PM.  I have to get rid of this depression and anxiety I have been dealing with since we have turn back the clock an hour for the fall and winter months.  I do wish I was in a state in the United States that did not change time ahead or back an hour – Arizona comes to mind.  Oh well.  I am going to say goodnight and God bless, and come back sometime tomorrow morning when I wake up.  No sleeping in tomorrow – Friday is my next sleep in morning! 

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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