My December 1, 2016 Morning Thoughts

I believe it is a good morning.  I am not sure how much I have slept last night but I did get to bed kind of late last night.  Since I was gone to Bible study from 7 PM – 8 PM, I did not get home until sometime shortly before 9 PM.  My Wednesday evenings are busy unless it is a holiday or close to a holiday.  I did not go the 16th or the Wednesday before Thanksgiving because I was in the hospital for a couple of days from November 15 – November 17.  Pastor Van did not have any Bible studies the week of Thanksgiving because he does Bible studies at three different churches and Thursday, November 24th was Thanksgiving Day and a four day weekend for teachers, school officials, and students.  As far as Bible study goes on Wednesday nights, I enjoy going despite how late it seems at this time of year in Wisconsin, I still want to be with my friends and family of my church.  The church members are my family outside my immediate family, and Pastor Van, his wife CV, and family are my “family by choice” and that is the Van way.

Even though I do not have a friendship with RS now and no plans of rekindling that friendship with her because of her boyfriend, I do have to admit that I do feel bad that she is not well.  Of the years I have known her she has no legs for a long time due to some kind of infection ravaging her body.  Now what leg she has left, without a hip attached to it, is infected once again and the doctors seem to be unable to help her.  I have heard, rumor only, that he kidneys are shutting down.  If that is true I have a wonder what is causing the kidney shut down.  My first two kidneys failed slowly for some reason or another and now my transplanted kidney 28 ½ years is shutting down and dialysis in definitely in my future if I am not a good candidate for another transplant.  I do feel bad for RS and wish her health to be better and not full of worry and pain.  I may not want to be friends with her anymore but I do not wish ill will and bad health.  I do not like her behavior and attitude but I still wish her happiness and good health.  I do not hate her, I just do not like her behavior and attitude.  I saw her boyfriend yesterday and I still do not like him.   He told me that he and RS were planning on getting married in a week or two.  A red flag went up on that one.  They just met two to three months ago.  I was thinking “what the heck is wrong with you two” in my head and shocked with the idea of him living here with RS.  That idea does not sit well with me at all.  Is she that sick or something?  I am not saying she is mentally sick but physically sick.  Her leg is not doing well at all.  I feel bad for her regarding her health.

I am sitting here right now waiting to get into the shower for the morning.  I was hoping to go to the grocery store this morning with DB but it looks like I will not be getting any deposits in my account until tomorrow – Friday, December 2nd.  I do need some food as I have one meal left from Meal Magic (?Magic Meal?) in my freezer.  Oops.  I made a miscalculation on when I get money deposited in my account at the bank for the first time ever in my life.  Another, oops.

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