Another Lazy Day For Me

It has been another “not so busy day” in the Karnopp household today. Bing was cuddly and snuggly part of the day, which is seldom. He always sleeps on my desk chair, the futon/couch, or under the table on one of the table chairs. It is not easy coaxing a cat to sit on your lap when he/she does not want to sometimes but I find it nice to see Bing Crosby the cat wanting to sit on my lap. He is such a lap warmer, too. I really think Bing just needs time for himself from time to time. I am definitely okay with that Bing is family and not just a pet.

I am doing okay. My arm is healing up nicely. It was kind of red on Monday and Tuesday for some reason but as it turned out it was nothing to worry about. No drainage or major issues. The thrill and bruit is still strong and doing its job even though dialysis is not happening right this minute.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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